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Overview and Significance of E-way Bill

E-way bill is a valid and compulsory document possessed by the transporter of any goods’ consignment, whose value is more than Rs 50,000. One can generate this document directly from the GST official website or common portal related to the EWB system. The transporter or the registered person must generate a valid EWB before starting the movement of goods or consignments.  The CGST Act mandates that the Indian Government needs the person in charge of the transporter of a consignment to carry a few mandatory documents, including the e-way bill.

Validity Period of E-way Bills

Every e-way bill possesses a specific validity period based on the pin codes of its origin and destination. Furthermore, the validity depends on the distance mentioned on a specific e-way bill. E-way bills are considered valid documents until they expire. Every e-way bill expires on the validity date highlighted on it. However, individuals will get a provision associated with extending the e-way bill validity. The rule says that you may extend the e-way bill validity from before and after 8 hours of its expiry.

Steps to Extend the E-way Bills Validity

The methods to extend the e-way bill validity consist of a few simple and easy steps, which are as follows-

Step 1-Visit the E-way Bills Web Page

You should visit the web page of e-way bills. Here, you will find a list containing invoices with details on E-way bills for the previous one-week period.

Step 2-Find the Would-be-Expiring E-way Bills

Check the filters available on the e-way bill’s webpage for using the E-way bill validity filter. By doing so, you may filter the would-be-expiring e-way bills on the respective day. You may even select the option Expires Today in the validity filter to get information on e-way bills expiring on that day.

Step 3-Select a Specific E-way Bill for its Extension

Now, you will get a list of e-way bills that will expire or expire on the respective day and those are undelivered to their destination. Select a particular e-way bill from the available list to extend it. The website will update the delivery status to be available on your device screen.

Step 4-Select the Option of Extending E-way Bill Validity

Once you select a particular e-way bill to extend, choose the option of extending e-way bill validity to activate the extension flow.

Step 5-Confirm about the E-way Bill Extension

After you trigger the extension of the e-way bill, you will get the prompt whether your chosen e-way bill is valid to extend. Besides, the user has to confirm to extend the validity of the e-way bill. The reason is that the website does not allow unnecessary e-way bill extensions.

Step 6-Enter the Mandatory Details related to the E-way Bill Extension

Once you choose a specific e-way bill extension flow, the webpage will open a form to let you enter a few mandatory details under the E-waybill validity extension process. The required fields are in red where you should enter every detail appropriately. The information to enter for extending your selected e-way bill is as follows-

  • Reason to extend the electronic way bill
  • Remarks
  • Pending distance is filled automatically according to the PIN code
  • The current validity date of the Electronic Way Bill
  • Current location and its PIN code
  • Current state
  • Transportation Mode
  • Consignment ID
  • Transportation Document number and date
  • Vehicle number and type

After you enter each of the details, click Save and Extend EWB Validity to go to the next step for extending your e-way bill validity.

Step 7-Successful Extension of the E-way Bill

Once you complete the E-waybill validity extension process, the government will extend your chosen e-way bill based on the pending distance of the consignment. You will also receive a confirmation message on your device screen.

Hence, your e-way bill’s validity extends successfully. You may even check its print or get additional details related to the updated expiry date of your extended EWB.

Benefits of E-way Bill Registration


The steps associated with extending the e-way bill expiration period are simple and easy. Transporters must remember that they can extend the e-way bill only within 8 hours before or after its expiry date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do CGST officers calculate the validity period of already generated e-way bills?

The validity of already generated e-way bills depends solely on the distance traveled by the goods. If your consignment goes in a regular vehicle/cargo, validity will be only 1 day for every 200 kilometers or a part of it. On the other hand, if your consignment needs over-dimensional cargo, the validity of the vehicle will be 1 day for every 20 kilometers it travels or a part of it. The validity expires exactly on the midnight of the previous day.

  1. From where to find the information on would-be-expiring E-waybills?

Whether you are a transporter or a taxpayer, you may view the list of your would-be-expiring E-way bills for 4 days starting from the current date. If you want to view the list, you should log into the official website of e-way Bill and navigate through different menus based on the instructions.

  1. What should a transporter or a taxpayer do in the case of e-way bill expiration?

A transporter may not move his goods if the e-way bill validity expires. However, the transporter may extend the e-way bill’s validity period under permissive conditions, like vehicle damage or natural calamities.

  1. Who has the right to extend the validity of e-way bills?

The transporter responsible for carrying the consignment according to the e-way bill system may extend the EWB’s validity period.

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  1. Akash

    If the e-way bill expired and 8 hours has also crossed.
    What should be done now.

    1. CaptainBiz

      If an e-way bill has expired and 8 hours have also passed, you may need to obtain a new e-way bill from the transporter or obtain a new bill of lading. The new e-way bill should be generated with the updated details and sent to the consignor and consignee. If you are unable to obtain a new e-way bill, you may need to pay additional goods and service tax (GST) at the time of clearing customs or delivery.