Customer / Supplier Relationship

CaptainBiz’s Customer & Supplier Visibility feature provides a convenient and comprehensive overview of all transactions and outstanding amounts related to your customers and suppliers. This tool empowers businesses with the insights they need to maintain strong relationships and ensure timely payments.

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CaptainBiz - Billing Software Features

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360-Degree Transaction View

Gain a holistic perspective of all interactions with customers and suppliers, from purchases to payments and outstanding balances.

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Timely Follow-Ups

Stay on top of outstanding payments, ensuring healthy cash flow and strong supplier relationships.

Real time data flow
Enhanced Customer Service

Provide better service by having instant access to customer transaction history, allowing for informed conversations.

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Strategic Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on real-time data, improving vendor selection and customer credit terms.

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Transaction History

Access a detailed record of all transactions with each customer and supplier, facilitating accurate accounting and timely follow-ups.

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Outstanding Balances

Get an instant snapshot of outstanding balances for both customers and suppliers, enabling proactive management of cash flow.

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Customized Views

Filter and sort data to focus on specific time frames or transaction types, tailoring the view to your business needs.

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Search and Navigation

Easily locate specific customer or supplier information, saving time and ensuring efficiency in managing relationships.

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Proactive Cash Flow Management

By having instant visibility into outstanding balances, businesses can take proactive steps to ensure a healthy cash flow and timely payments.

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Strengthening Customer Relationships

Leverage transaction history to provide personalized service and address customer inquiries with precision.

Saves Time
Optimizing Supplier Relationships

Use insights to negotiate better terms, manage vendor relationships effectively, and optimize procurement processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customer & Supplier Visibility

Customer and supplier information is updated in real-time, providing the most current data for your business operations.

Absolutely. CaptainBiz offers customized views, allowing you to filter and sort data based on your specific needs.

Yes, you can retrieve historical data for reference or auditing purposes.

CaptainBiz's Customer & Supplier Visibility feature empowers businesses with the tools they need to maintain strong relationships with customers and suppliers. Gain a 360-degree view of all transactions and outstanding balances, ensuring timely payments and informed decision-making. Streamline your operations and provide superior service with this powerful feature.