CaptainBiz Features

Our GST billing software feature is designed to simplify business operations. It efficiently generates accurate GST reports for compliance with tax regulations. One can also get real-time inventory status from the billing software. 

Get a smooth process to create, manage, and fulfill your sales and purchase orders with more order accuracy and efficiency. Automatically match your cash and bank transactions to maintain the most accurate financial records possible. Easily manage your business operations, with support for multiple companies and users. Instantly export your data to Tally to carry out detailed analysis and reporting. Feel the ease and efficiency of our tailor-made GST billing software for small business owners.

CaptainBiz - Billing Software Features

The Complete Management Solution for Small Businesses

Explore the features below to unlock the power of our Online GST Billing Software.

  • captainbizTrack payments
  • GST approvedGST approved UOMs supported
  • Industry specificIndustry specific invoice templates for GST and non-GST companies
  • Share invoicesShare invoices over WhatsApp or Email
Do Not Missed Payment
  • Automatic SalesAutomatic Sales / Purchase based updates on your account
  • Real-TimeReal-time check for efficient reorder
  • Bulk UploadBulk upload of items
Tax Exclusive Invoice
  • Generate GST ReportGenerate GST-ready reports for filing tax in a click
  • E-InvoiceE-invoice capable
  • Empanelled By GoodsEmpanelled by Goods & Services Tax Network (GSTN) India
GST Report File
  • Download StatementDownload financial statements in Excel
  • Easily Import TallyEasily import into Tally
Download Accounting statements
  • Data HostedData hosted in India
  • SSL CertificationSSL certificate enabled
GST Operate securely
  • captainBiz AppUse CaptainBiz on app (Android or iOS) and PC web
  • Setup Your CompanySet up your company online, in minutes
  • Dedicated ServerDedicated Customer Support for immediate assistance on phone
Manage your business

Streamline Business, smartly.

Experience the complete solution to smooth business operations.

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Quick Billing & Customized Invoices

Share invoices with customers and suppliers via WhatsApp or email. Generate tax inclusive or tax exclusive invoices per requirements.

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Real-time Inventory Check

Auto updation of inventory after any kind of sale or purchase is made. Easily view all input-output movements in the business.

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Purchase Order

A purchase order streamlines the procurement process, ensuring clear communication between a buyer and seller.​

Customer & Supplier Visibility

Quick overview of all customer and supplier related transactions and outstandings.

Cash & Bank and Reconciliation

Track all cash & bank transactions. Easily reconcile bank statements with system-based transactions.

Multi Company icon

Multi Company & Users

Manage multiple companies in a single CaptainBiz account and login. Multiple Users can access a single CaptainBiz account.

Real-time Insights icon

Tally Export

Generate company reports in Excel which are easily exported and compatible with Tally.

GST icon

GST Reports

All GSTR reports (GSTR1, GSTR 3B, GSTR4) are auto updated as the transactions are recorded over CaptainBiz. These can be extracted in Excel format in just a few clicks.

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