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General troubleshoot with GSTR 9C offline utility

Error: “Auditor sign is invalid”


   DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

i.      Digital Signature Certificate must be PAN based and in format PKCS7

ii.    DSC must not be corrupted

iii.   DSC should be valid and must not have expired

Error: “During process of uploading GSTR 9C JSON file, sometime its showing error”



i.      User is not putting “0” (zero) in the format of the membership number

ii.    User is using GSTR 9C offline utility V.1.6 to generate JSON file

iii.   Date formats are used as (DD.MM.YYY) and correct information is placed in all the required field

iv.  Make sure the generation of JSON file with MS- Office version is higher than 2007 

While uploading GSTR-9C Jason, it shows an error but no error report is generated. What could be the reason?

  •    The error could be for any of the following reasons:
  •    The user is not entering “0” (Zero) while entering the membership number.
  •    The user is using GSTR-9C offline utility v1.6 version for generating Jason
  •    The user is generating Jason with MS office version greater than 2007 (2010,2013,2016 etc., )
  •    The date must be entered in the correct format (DD/MM/YYYY) at relevant places.

I am unable to delete data relating to Table 17 wrongly entered in Table 18. What could be the reason? 

Download the Jason of this data from the portal and import it into the offline tool, make necessary corrections and then upload the same.

Where do I need to show the undeclared turnover in GSTR – 9?

It has to be shown in Table 4 of GSTR – 9 if tax is payable and if not, report it in Table 5.

Input tax credit as per 2A is not matching with Table 8A of GSTR – 9. What could be the reasons for the same?

The data are shown in Table 8A of GSTR – 9 considered data based on the GSTR – 1s filed by your suppliers till 30th April 2019, and the data in GSTR – 2A shows the data basis of the GSTR-1s filed by suppliers till date.

I am getting an error message “Auditors Signature is invalid,” what could be the reason for the same, and how do I resolve it?

  •    It could be for any of the following reasons
  •    DSC Must be PAN based and in PKCS format.
  •    It must be valid and not expired.
  •    DSC must not be corrupted.

Can I prefix with “0” while I am entering Membership Number of the Auditor in Part B of GSTR – 9C?

No, you cannot prefix the membership number with “0” while entering it Part B of GSTR – 9C.

I am not able to upload the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account (Form GSTR – 9C)?

You may be using the office network and in some of the organizations, they are not permitted to share the data as they are very sensitive documents. Ask your administrator to upload the same or enable it for you.

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