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GST Registration

Persons have to obtain GST Registration once they cross the threshold. Application for GST Registration has to be submitted online through the Common Portal, i.e., gst.gov.in. After applying for the GST Registration, the GST department provides ARN no. (Application Reference Number) Through this ARN, the Applicant can check the status of GST Registration. The Official GST Portal is provided, making the Registration process, checking the Registration status, file compliance, etc., easier for the Taxpayers.

Once the application for GST Registration is submitted, the application will be processed in 15 days. Meanwhile, the Taxpayer can check the status of the GST Registration: –

Checking GST Registration Status: –

  • Go to GST’s Official Site at https://www.gst.gov.in/.
  • Choose the “Service” option, then Registration
  • In “Registration,” there will be three options: click on ‘Track Application Status
  • Enter the ARN into the provided box and Type the correct image code.
  • The GST Registration Status will be displayed on the screen.

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Different Status of GST Registration

While checking the GST Registration, the following terms will appear, and each word that appears on the screen has a meaning. The following are the statuses of GST Registration:

  • ARN Generated – Pending for Processing– All the necessary documents have been provided successfully, and processing is awaiting by the Tax Authority for the action
  • Site Verification Assigned When the Application is assigned for the Site Verification to check the site availability and work location, then the Site Verification Officer is assigned to visit the site for verification. It is done in cases where the Taxpayer does not undergo Aadhar Authentication.
  • Site Verification Completed– After completing Site Verification, the report will be submitted to the Tax Officer. It is considered as site verification is completed.
  • Pending for Clarification– If there are any incomplete documents or issues in the Verification Report, then the Tax Officer will issue a notice to the Applicant requesting clarification within 7 Days.
  • Clarification Filed – Pending for Order– The Applicant successfully files the clarification within a time limit with the tax officer, and the order is pending their decision. It states that Clarification is Filed but Pending for Order.
  • Clarification not Filed – Pending for Order– When the Applicant fails to submit the clarification within a Time limit of 7 working days, then this status is shown.
  • Approved– When the Tax Officer accepts the GST Registration Application after verifying and validating the necessary documents provided by the Applicant for GST registration, the Verification Report is OK. The Tax Officer Approves the application, and the Applicant’s Registered ID with password are emailed to them.
  • Rejected If the Tax Officer is unsatisfied with the documents submitted, then the Registration Application is rejected by the Tax Officer.
  • Withdrawn- When the Applicant withdraws its application.

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CaptainBiz Recommends that all persons obtain GST Registration wherever the turnover crosses or is likely to cross the threshold limit. While flinging the application, CaptainBiz Recommends uploading all the necessary documents scanned clearly for early approval of GST Registration.

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