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GST Registration is a crucial requirement for businesses operating in any country, as it enables compliance with tax regulations and other legal aspects like the Companies Act, Export or Import rules. In India, GST Registration is mandatory for businesses with turnover exceeding specific thresholds, subject to periodic changes. Presently, the threshold is Rs 40 Lacs for goods in most states and Rs 20 Lacs for services.

Once a business obtains a GST Registration Number, it becomes unique for that taxpayer and applies to all the states where the business operates. This 15-digit alphanumeric number is linked to the business entity’s PAN number, ensuring distinct identification.

The advantages of obtaining a GST Registration Number are numerous:

  • Interstate and International Operations: Registered businesses can supply goods and services to customers beyond state or national borders.
  • Input Tax Credit: By availing input tax credit where eligible, businesses can effectively reduce the cost of their purchases.
  • Tax Collection: Registered businesses can collect taxes from customers and issue tax invoices accordingly.

However, GST Registration also comes with certain obligations:

Record-keeping: Businesses must maintain accurate records of GST Registration Numbers for all customers and buyers.

Tax Invoices: Proper tax invoices must be issued as necessary.

Input Tax Credit: Eligible businesses can claim input tax credit on their inward supplies.

Timely Tax Remittance: Taxes must be remitted to the government promptly.

Periodic Returns: Businesses must file returns periodically.

Bookkeeping: Maintaining proper books of accounts and presenting them to officials when required is essential.


The format of a GST Registration Number can be decoded as follows:


The first two digits represent the state of GST Registration.

Digits 3 to 12 indicate the taxpayer’s PAN number.

Digits 13 and 14 are a code based on the line of business in the state.

The 15th digit is a system-generated number.

Having a GST Registration Number not only ensures compliance but also contributes to business growth over time, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

To facilitate effective management of GST Registration data at the supplier and customer levels, CaptainBiz, a cloud and mobile-based billing application shortlisted by GSTN, offers a user-friendly solution. By entering registration details once, users can generate error-free tax invoices and avoid hefty government penalties.

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