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Today, anywhere you go, you’ll realise that digitization has taken over. Whether you want to book a train ticket, or a hotel room 5000 miles aways, everything is easily accessible at the tips of your fingers. This involvement of technology is what allows businesses to outgrow each other and keep a fair and healthy competition. Imagine facing stagnancy in a well established business just because of the lack of technological equipment and skills. With the availability of the internet, it’s quite easy to digitise your business and become more efficient using certain tools and software. So we’re here to help you go through the various different tools that you can use to grow your business. These tools are even known as the business growth tools and they tend to become the best helping hands to increase your efficiency. 

Understanding Business Optimization

Optimization means bringing a thing to its best potential. Optimising also reflects in updating the way something works. Business optimization is a concept that helps you run your business more efficiently and productively. As a part of this process, you constantly evaluate and change the way different aspects of your business operate to achieve the maximum benefits. 

So, what exactly does business optimization involve? 

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Identifying areas of improvement;
  • Establishing goals;
  • Exercising changes; and
  • Keeping a track of the results.

The process of business optimization is made even easier when you opt for a business optimization software. Considering that it’s an ongoing process, using software for business optimization can prove to be beneficial in many different ways. Simply put, a business optimization software includes tools that help in automating business workflow and manage various areas of the business more effectively. 

Benefits of using a business optimization software

Aspect Benefit of Business Optimization Software
Data Analysis Helps in identifying trends, customer behaviour, and provides a chance for improvement. 
Automating Workflow Sets repetitive tasks into motion without need for intervention. 
Business Process Management Allows standardisation of the entire operating procedure. 
Performance Tracking Provides a chance to think over the current situation of the business and make adjustments in the operations accordingly. 

Examples of Business Optimization Software

Purpose of software Examples
Managing Projects
  • Asana,
  • Trello,
  • Monday.com
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Salesforce,
  • HubSpot,
  • Zoho CRM
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • SAP,
  • Oracle NetSuite,
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Kissflow,
  • UiPath,
  • BonitaSoft


Analysing Market Needs and Trends

Staying updated is one of the best ways to stay secure in these changing times. Needs change everyday. The lifestyle of consumers also affects the market trends. To achieve the ultimate business growth, owners need to stay updated of these trends. There are many business growth tools that allow users to analyse the market trends and study the needs of their consumers. Reports from these types of business growth tools also provide a great scope of improvement in the way a business currently operates. 

Examples of business growth tools for trend analysis

Tools for Business Growth Specific Use and Benefits
Google Trends Check surge and drop in searches for your keywords, understand the market trends and consumer needs in the present time.
SurveyMonkey, TypeForm Create surveys to understand your customer. This can help in learning user preferences, making the process smooth for the consumer.
SEMRush Allows you to analyse your as well as competitors’ SEO position. You can also discover their high ranking keywords. This gives you a thorough competitive analysis. 

Enhancing Productivity Through Project Management

When working in a team setting, communications, follow-ups and waiting periods often take up an excessive amount of time when done manually. Project management tools give productivity enhancement solutions to various businesses from different industries. 


Enhancement Solution Project Management Tool Essential Feature
Task Management and Organization Trello You can move tasks across different stages “in progress”, “review”, “completed”, etc. Allows easy progress tracking, leading to enhanced productivity.
Asana While handling different projects at one time, Asana allows you a multiple project view. Ensuring nothing gets left behind and you’re up to date on all your tasks. 
Improved Communication and Collaboration Monday.com Focusing on real time communication, this business growth tool provides a central hub, where different teams can get together and collaborate.
Wrike Offers a built – in chat allowing the teams to communicate more effectively.
Resource Allocation & Time Tracking Clockify Provides multiple different time tracking methods to enhance efficiency depending on different workflows. 
ClickUp Allows setting estimated time for specific tasks. This can significantly increase efficiency by clearing out the pain point through its reports. 
Project Tracking and Reporting Zoho Projects Through its dashboard, you can check out all project requirements and dependencies. So, the managers can easily monitor the progress of each project and intervene when necessary. 


Boosting Marketing Strategies

For a second, think that you finally opened that dream bakery by the beachside that you always wanted to. The bread, coffee and everything there is really delicious, but without a tempting store display or a trending social media presence, it would be difficult to lure new customers in. This is why boosting marketing strategies is very important for all sects of business owners today. In this day, where people pay influencers to promote their brands and see results from it, you shouldn’t stay behind on your marketing strategies. Building your online presence is essential for your business to grow. Not every entrepreneur is a marketing genius, but you can use marketing tools for business growth. 

Tools for boosting marketing strategies

1) Hubspot

It’s a content marketing tool.  It allows you to manage all your content through one integrated platform. For example, on the HubSpot platform, you can create:

  • blogs;
  • landing pages; or
  • mail campaigns.

For example,

A yoga instructor can use Hubspot to create blogs and other intriguing content for his audience. 

2) Hootsuite

It lets you manage your social media without much hassle. It eliminates the tedious task of individually going on a social media platform and posting content. You can integrate all your accounts on this platform and schedule and post all the content from a single click. 

For example, 

A clothing store using Hootsuite as a marketing tool for business growth to implement their various social media campaigns and contests. 

3) Ahrefs

When you want to increase your online presence, you’ll have to focus on one key area, ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’. This is an SEO tool that allows you to look for the keywords trending for your brand and optimise your online presence. By analyzing the data from this accurately and making changes accordingly, you can start ranking higher in the search engines for your products or services. 

For example, 

A bakery selling plum cakes from Manhattan looking out for trends through Ahrefs  on “Best Plum Cakes in Manhattan”. 

4) Mailchimp

As a popular business growth software, Mailchimp provides the perfect platform for creating, scheduling, automating and managing various types of emails. 

For example,

An e-commerce store that uses Mailchimp to send out reminders about wishlists at regular intervals. 

5) Canva

To become a social media pro, you’ll have to create some eye grabbing visuals. Even if you lack the skills of a graphic designer, marketing tools for graphic designing like Canva can help you make the best visuals for your brand. 

For example,

A cafe can use Canva to create trendy discount and promotional posters, social media posts, and even to design a new menu card. 

6) InVideo

Just the way Canva allows you to create static visuals for your brand, InVideo is a marketing tool for business growth that lets you edit all forms of video content. Moreover, its user-friendly interface allows even a first timer to edit any video with ease. 

For example,

A dance instructor can use InVideo to create and edit the dance tutorials and post different choreographies online as short reels or long form videos. 

Streamlining Communication Channels

Apart from a skilled team that excels at their tasks, to succeed, a business needs a strong flow of internal and external communication. Digitization makes even this much easier than back in the old days. Even if your employee is not physically present at the office, you can use the different communication channels and have a real time conversation with them. This not only works for the internal team communication, but also helps in strengthening the customer relations by providing timely and prompt responses to the customers. So, the table below gives a list of different popular business success tools that help in streamlining communication channels. 

Aspect of Communication Business Growth Software Description
Internal Team Communication Slack Enables real time communication within the team through group chats. It becomes a go to spot for communication because it allows integration of multiple channels. 
Video Conferencing Zoom Popular ever since the global pandemic, video conferencing through zoom definitely reduces the time spent behind physical meetings.
Intranet Platform Microsoft SharePoint A single point of storage for all the documents, reports and announcements of a company. Allows your team to stay updated with the organisation’s operations.
External Communication Tools Salesforce As a CRM software, this business growth tool lets you communicate with your clients more efficiently. The software keeps a track of all interactions, leads, closings, follow-ups and cold calls.
Customer Support Zendesk Makes raising tickets for customer support much more convenient for your clients. The reports can also help you improve the way you manage your customer relations. 

Improving Financial Management

How you manage your finances also reflects in your company’s projections each year. Financial planning is not limited to just staying compliant with the local laws. It means you need to stay aware and updated of all the financial aspects of your company. However, this is not a task that you can complete instantly, unless you have the right set of tools  to help you with it. So, what are these tools that can help you improve the way you manage your finances? Let’s see: 

Specific Area Software Benefit to Business
Budgeting Perfect Capital, Mint, Good Budget Create a plan for inward and outward flow of income and make a budget. Helps in keeping an eye on the present financial projections and make plans for the future. 
Tracking expenses PocketGuard, Wally Monitor your spending habits with these business growth tools.
Accounting Quickbooks, Xero Track all your business transactions and invoices and generate reports accordingly.
Billing Software CaptainBiz Organise all your invoices on one platform and stay compliant with the GST laws without hassles.

Harnessing Data Analytics for Growth

Data analytics include the process of studying all your and the competitor data such as customer demands, projections, inventory and making growth strategies for the business based on this data. Since data analysis covers all integral aspects of a business, the process makes it easy for the business owner to find the loopholes in their growth strategy. A smart  entrepreneur will start working on these loopholes and re-analyse the data at timely intervals for constant and consistent growth. 

The following tools can help you with harnessing data analytics for growth:

  • Microsoft Excel

Learning formulas for excel can make your life 10x easier. Besides, it offers a basic level of data analysis like sorting, filtering data, and allows calculations. 

  • Google Analytics

It is also a free business growth tool that allows you to check the trends of your website, your industry and re-align your goals and settings accordingly. Google Analytics provides details like the traffic of your website, conversion rates, and more. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

All these different tools and software discussed until now are not only useful in enhancing the internal productivity and working process of a business. These tools also help additionally by enhancing the experience of your customers. Wondering how? Here’s what the tools do: 

  • CRM systems lets you personalise user experience by examining customer preferences;
  • Live Chat Tools provides a platform to reach out quickly anytime, anywhere;
  • Chatbots allow a modern day self service platform for online businesses;
  • Certain tools allow you to get customer feedback within seconds. 

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

When you are giving any business a digital transformation, protecting its data online becomes a ruckus. You can use the following tools for ensuring cybersecurity and data protection: 

  • Firewalls to gate keep on the incoming and outgoing traffic, and keep spammers outside;
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software to scan all the devices your business uses and keep them virus free;
  • Encryption tools to scramble off all the confidential data. 

Measuring Success and Performance

The best way to grow is to look at the historical data and learn from it. Hence, you need access to all your data to measure the performance and success over the years. This can involve a lot of paperwork. Or not, if you’re relying on the following types of tools for business success: 

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tracking Tools like google sheets and Zoho Analytics;
  • Balanced Scorecard Software like smarter balanced, strategymap; and
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) Software like BambooHR to take care of all HR workflows.


To conclude, the thought of giving your business a digital transformation may seem scary at first. But, that’s the most effective way to achieve all the dreams you have for your business. Besides, the existence of these various business growth tools allows you to complete this transformation easily while staying at the top of your game.


  • What are growth tools? 

Some tools and software help business owners in growing their business by reducing paperwork, repetitive tasks and eliminating chances for human errors. These are widely known as growth tools. 

  • What are the strategic tools for growth?

Certain tools like Google trends, Analytics, and even Zoho allow you to form Strategies for the growth of your business. 

  • Is it important to optimize a business today?

Constant optimization is one of the best ways to survive in this increasingly competitive market today. 

  • Which software is used for integration?

Zapier is a popular software that will let you integrate the process of one software to another and achieve maximum productivity.

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