Billing Software for Bakery

CaptainBiz’s billing software specifically caters to bakery businesses and serves as an outstanding solution for efficiently managing your operations. It offers an array of beneficial features including inventory management, sales tracking, and tax calculation. By utilizing this software, you can streamline your processes, save valuable time, and enhance overall productivity. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and a complimentary 14-day trial further contribute to its appeal.

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Billing Software for Bakery

Features of Bakery Billing Software

Some of the best features available in the CaptainBiz Bakery billing app are listed below

Tally Export

Customized invoices

Customized invoices Quick billing and sharing of customised invoices via whatsapp, email.

Real-time Inventory Check

Real-time Inventory Check

Auto-updation of inventory and option to adjust stocks in case of surplus or deficits

Purchase Management

Purchase/Sales Management

Manage your procure to pay and order to cash cycle

Customer & Supplier Visibility

In Built Barcode Scanner

Scan product barcode for quick and accurate inventory managementbility

Cash & Bank and Reconciliation

Customer/supplier overview

Quick visibilty of all customers and suppliers transactions and outstanding

Quick Billing & Customized Invoices

Ready to generate GSTR

All GSTR reports – GSTR1, GSTR 3B, GSTR4 auto-updated as the transactions are recorded

Multi Company & Users

Tally Export

Export company reports compatible with Tally formats

GST Reports

Dashboard and Reports

Quick real-time dashboards and summary reports help manage business effectively

Why Use Billing Software for Bakery

Why Use Billing Software for Bakery
Using billing software is crucial for bakeries that aim to deliver exceptional service to their clients and streamline billing tasks. It enables bakery owners to minimize or eliminate manual work by employing efficient billing software. Balancing multiple applications and fulfilling various responsibilities can be challenging for any company owner. Here are a few reasons why bakers choose to utilize billing software specifically designed for bakeries:
  • Easy GST billing

Businesses may produce GST-compliant invoices by utilizing Bakery billing software. These may be used to conveniently submit taxes for your business by simply adding them to the financial reports with a single click.

  • Accuracy & error elimination

Manual data input in an invoice might result in several mistakes, making it appear unprofessional. With the Bakery software, you can easily scan products in your business with a barcode scanner and properly list them on your bills using the Bakery software. It can assist you in obtaining accurate information about a product and accurately labelling it on the invoice.

  • Simple user-friendly interface

The user interface of billing software for Bakery is designed to fulfill the requirement of a Bakery. Anyone who works in a Bakery may use the app to effortlessly produce a bill and manage inventory.

  • Proper stock management

Easily locate any item of Bakery that is not selling or that is in great demand. With CaptainBiz Bakery billing software, you can efficiently and effectively manage your inventory.

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FAQs Related to Bakery Billing Software

After registering your compay on, and activating your account, simply login and get started. You can use your CaptainBiz account on your desktop or download the CaptainBiz app on your mobile (available on Play Store or App Store).

No, Bakery Billing Software can easily be used by anyone. They can learn how to use the software within a day or two, and there is no requirement for additional training to generate invoices on CaptainBiz.

Click on "Sales" in the main menu then click 'Sales Invoices'. From there you may find a, "New Sales Invoice" button, as per your requirement either select Tax Inclusive Invoice or Tax Exclusive Invoice. Complete the Sales Invoice form and Click on Save.

Select "Purchase Invoices" from the main menu. Click on "New". Select "Supplier" and add Product to invoice form and Click on Save.

Yes, you can download Sales and Purchase summary reports using Excel Export button in CaptainBiz Bakery billing software.

Yes, you can generate GSTR 1, GSTR 3B and GSTR 4 from CaptainBiz Bakery billing software. These reports will be ready-to-file on the GST portal. Download, then upload to GST portal with ease.

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