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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) that the Indian government implemented has undoubtedly streamlined the taxation system, yet many people still find it to be complicated. The GSTR-1 IFF return filing procedure was developed by the government to make things simpler.
Everything you need to know about GSTR-1 IFF, from its definition and eligibility requirements to its advantages and effective return filing instructions, will be covered in this blog.

GSTR-1 IFF Meaning

The question of what GSTR-1 IFF is comes up for many businesses. GSTR-1 IFF, or Goods and Services Tax Return Form 1 Invoice Furnishing Facility, is the acronym for this facility. The Indian government established it as a mechanism for filing returns to make it simpler for businesses to comply with the GST regulations.
The GSTR-1 IFF GST return system gives taxpayers the option to submit their invoices instantly, increasing flexibility and convenience. All sales transactions, whether they happened before or after the GSTR-1 filing, must be reported by businesses for the entire month.

How do I file GSTR-1 IFF Returns?

For companies registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, filing GSTR-1 IFF GST returns is an essential step. For those taxpayers who have chosen the QRMP plan, or Quarterly Return Filing and Monthly Payment of Taxes scheme, the GSTR-1 IFF return is essentially an interim return that must be filed.
You must first log in with your login information to the GST portal to submit your GSTR-1 IFF returns. Go to the “Returns Dashboard” area after logging in and choose “GSTR-1 IFF.” Afterward, select the appropriate tax period from the drop-down menu.
After choosing your tax period, please fill out all the required information, including the invoices that were issued during that period and their matching HSN or SAC codes.
Following these easy procedures would greatly speed up the process of filing GSTR-1 IFF returns, which can initially seem difficult.

Who is Eligible to File GSTR-1 IFF Returns?
For all registered taxpayers with prior fiscal year revenue of up to Rs. 5 crore, GSTR-1 IFF returns are required. However, GSTR-1 IFF is an optional service made accessible to small taxpayers who have chosen to file their returns every quarter.
Business entities that conduct B2B transactions and have chosen not to submit invoices via the Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF) can also submit their information on GSTR-1 IFF. They can give their clients enough time to collect input tax credits before they finally submit GSTR-3B because of this.

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What are the Benefits of Filing GSTR-1 IFF Returns?

There are many advantages for businesses in filing GSTR-1 IFF GST return filings. It guarantees that you follow GST requirements and evade any possible fines for non-compliance. Maintaining a positive reputation with your clients and suppliers is another benefit of filing your returns on time.
You can claim an input tax credit (ITC) without any problems by precisely filing GSTR-1 IFF forms. This is because the return’s information is compared to your supplier’s data to make sure there are no inconsistencies or mistakes.

You may keep track of the activities and results of your firm by routinely filing for GSTR-1 IFF. The return offers comprehensive details on sales made and taxes paid during a certain period. This aids in determining where resources need to be allocated or where improvements may be made.


An essential component of the Indian GST system is the GSTR-1 IFF. It enables companies to deliver interim invoices and maintain a record of the supplies they produced during a tax period. Businesses can avoid fines and penalties while ensuring compliance with tax laws by submitting these returns on time.
Even though it could initially seem difficult, submitting GSTR-1 IFF returns is a simple and hassle-free task if you follow the right procedures and instructions. Timely filing not only assures that you are in compliance with the law but also that your business will run smoothly. It is advisable to use an online billing tool, like CaptainBiz, that assists in the reporting processes, including those related to the GSTR-1 IFF procedure. It aims to ensure accurate and effective reporting for companies, helping them run their businesses smoothly.

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