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Many people may ask, what is advance tax payment? The term “advance tax” describes income tax that is paid in instalments rather than in full at the end of the fiscal year. Another name for it is “pay as you earn.”

In essence, it means paying your taxes during the fiscal year as opposed to waiting until the end to do so in full. Spreading out tax payments in this way enables taxpayers to stay out of financial binds at the last minute.

The amount of advance tax you must pay will depend on your estimated yearly income. It is calculated using your own tax rates and deductions. By making these periodic payments, people can make sure they satisfy their tax obligations on time.

Thanks to online payment methods, paying advance taxes has become simpler and more feasible in recent years. Taxpayers can start their advance tax payments at any time, from any location, with only a few clicks. Online platforms not only offer safe entry points for transactions but also make it simple for customers to view their payment history.

When is Advance Tax Payment Required?

  • Advance tax payments are a crucial financial responsibility that individuals and businesses need to fulfil. For individuals, advance tax payment becomes mandatory if the total income tax liability for the year exceeds Rs 10,000. This means that if your estimated annual income tax liability crosses this threshold, you are required to pay advance taxes in instalments throughout the financial year.
  • The Income Tax Department has established the due dates for advance tax payments. There are no set deadlines for people who are not employed in any industry or profession. However, it is advised to pay in four equal payments before the specific dates the agency has specified.
  • Depending on the type of firm they are in and how much money they make, self-employed professionals and businessmen have varied deadlines. Normally, their instalments are due in June, September, December, and March.

How to Pay Advance Tax Online?

Paying advance tax online has become very convenient in today’s digital era. With just a few clicks, you can ensure timely payment and avoid any penalties. To pay your advance tax online, follow the following steps:

1. Calculate Your Advance Tax: Before making the payment, it is important to determine how much advance tax you owe. This can be done by estimating your total annual income and applying the applicable tax rates.

2. Choose an Authorised Bank: Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department or authorised banks for online tax payments. Ensure that you select a reliable and secure platform.

3. Fill in the Required Details: Provide accurate details such as your PAN (Permanent Account Number), name, address, contact number, email ID, assessment year, etc.

4. Select Payment Method: Choose from net banking, debit card, credit card, or even offline challan.

5. Confirm and Submit: Double-check all entered information before proceeding with the transaction. Once satisfied with the accuracy, confirm and submit your payment.

6. Acknowledgement Receipt: Save/print the acknowledgement receipt for future reference.

With these simple steps, making an advance tax payment online becomes hassle-free. Remember that timely compliance with tax regulations is an example of responsible citizenship. It also helps avoid unnecessary penalties or legal complications.


Advance tax payment online is an easy way for individuals and businesses to conveniently take care of their tax responsibilities.

CaptainBiz and its tools, like online portals and guides, can help you streamline your online advance tax payment. It provides you with getaways and billing systems that assure that you are always at the top of your filings.

The procedure is simple, safe, and effective. Start by determining your taxable income for the fiscal year before paying advance tax online. Based on the applicable rates, determine the amount of advance tax you must pay using this estimate. Keep in mind that timely payment of advance tax provides effective cash flow management throughout the entire year as well as helping you avoid interest costs. You can avoid any last-minute stress related to fulfilling deadlines by maintaining organisation and a proactive approach to taxes.
So don’t let advanced taxes overwhelm you; embrace convenience by mastering how to pay them online.

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