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Introduction – 

Have you ever wondered why some companies can make such a loyal customer base while others don’t?

This is because those companies pay more attention to their customers. And how are they able to do this, you ask? You must have read about the term “Marketing Research” and how companies have a special fund to research their customer base. One of the parts of doing research is conducting surveys. 

Don’t worry, in today’s digital world, you do not have to conduct physical surveys. This is where online forms come into play. 

Today, we will discuss online forms, their role, and how you can benefit from them. So, let’s get started. 

What is an Online Form, and What role does it play?

Companies and small businesses use online forms or web forms to collect data about their customers preferences and behaviour. The company then studies and analyses the collected data thoroughly. 

These forms may contain questions related to customer preferences, or they may also ask the customers to give reviews about the company’s product.

The data collected from these forms become very valuable because it lets these companies and small businesses prepare a marketing strategy to target these specific customers. 

Another thing about Online Forms is that it also lets you gain customer feedback about your existing product or service. This way, you can improve your existing product or service according to your customers reviews and gain a loyal customer base over time as your customers will think that you do care about their needs.

These Online Forms can be ingrained on any website. This way, your potential/existing customers can fill out these forms in a very simple manner. 

Moving on, let us talk about how these forms actually help a company or a small business in boosting their revenue/sales. 

How do Online Forms increase revenue for small businesses and companies?

Many studies have shown that just a simple act of asking questions to your customers about your products and services helps in building more trust with your existing customer base and also in captivating potential customers. 

In short, when you ask people for their opinion about something, they feel like they are a part of a community, and this builds a unique relationship between your business and the customer. This way, you can also let your potential as well as existing customers know about the various types of your products and services. 

The main reason why online forms give a boost to revenue of businesses is that it lets the business study the feedback, analyse the problem areas and work on them. This is how you let your customers know that you truly care about their opinion, and you will improve the quality of your product/service over time. Thus, creating a loyal customer base.

Benefits of using Online Forms – 

Leads to more generation of leads – 

Conducting a survey and asking your customers questions about your product shows that your business cares about their opinion. This creates a sense of trust and increases the chances of them buying your product/service. An online form also plays a huge role in letting potential customers know about the range of product/services your company offers. Thus, creating potential leads. 

Gathering Consumer Feedback – 

The best thing about online forms is that it lets you gather valuable insights from the people who consume your product/service. This way, you know exactly what your business is doing well and where you need to improve. Gathering feedback lets you create a roadmap for the future. 

Increased engagement with your customers – 

Online forms create a unique way to engage with your customers. They let your customers know that their opinion is truly valuable to your organisation, which can promote positive word-of-mouth marketing from your existing customers. 

Real time results – 

Unlike the traditional paper surveys, online forms lets you access the responses live. This lets your business team analyse the data quickly and make the necessary changes according to the data gathered.

Here are some tips for boosting your business revenue with online forms – 

Following are the things you must be aware of while making an online form. These things will help you leave an impression on the customer, which can potentially boost your business’s revenue. 

Short and Sweet – 

Keep your online survey form as short and sweet as possible. Keeping your online form on to the point will keep your customer engaged. The customer will get overwhelmed if your form is too big and might not continue reading it. 

Use ready-made templates – 

There are many templates available on the internet already. You can search and choose the one that matches with your type of business. This will help you in using your time more efficiently. 

Always ask for consent – 

Always clarify why certain types of questions are being asked, and always take your customer’s consent.

Keep it simple – 

Keep your online form simple. Use easy-to-understand language and generalise the information so every person can easily understand. 

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Conclusion – 

To summarise, Online Forms are a game-changer for the small businesses looking to grow their sales and revenues. These forms will help you understand your customers and ultimately drive revenue growth. 

This data-driven approach builds a connection of trust and loyalty with your customers. By actively engaging with customers through online forms, businesses can easily identify the areas of improvement and draft an effective marketing strategy according to the preferences of their customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online forms used for?

Online forms are mainly used for customer surveys and lead generation purposes. These forms let businesses gather data and draft their marketing strategy accordingly. 

How can online forms help my business in generating more leads?

Conducting a survey and asking your customers questions about your product shows that your business cares about their opinions. This creates a sense of trust and increases the chances of them buying your product/service. 

How long should an online form be?

Keep it simple and easy to understand. Aim for 5-10 minutes max to avoid overwhelming users.

Are there any free online form creation tools?

Yes, there are several free online form builders available on the Internet, such as Google Forms and Typeform

What are some best practices for creating online forms?

  • Use simple and easy-to-get language.
  • Make the form mobile-friendly.
  • Offer a progress bar to show completion status.
  • Include a thank you message for completing the form.


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