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As a sole trader, it tends to be challenging to get to know the financial world. Invoicing is one of the most fundamental places that you need to do to make sure you get paid quickly and keep good records. The right invoicing software can change the way you manage your finances, improving it to send professional invoices, track income and expenses, and remain GST compliant.

In 2024, there are several choices for charging tools that are designed to meet the needs of sole traders. The market size of the invoicing software is expected to reach USD 46.68 billion by the end of 2023. So, if you want to improve your cash flow and keep better client relations, keep reading this guide as it examines the best invoicing software for sole traders on the market. It will help you select the best tool.

Top Invoicing Software for Sole Traders in 2024

Learn about the new invoicing software for sole traders that is designed to meet the specific requirements of sole proprietors, further developing productivity and financial management. For sole proprietors in 2024, these are the top software:


CaptainBiz stands out as the premier billing software option in India, featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive functions designed to streamline billing for businesses of all types. It is used for sole traders who may easily create GST-compliant invoices. You can quickly create invoices, manage payments, and track client data with the guidance of this software.

Users can handle invoices with its advanced feature, helping you convert them into E-way bills to guarantee flawless adherence to local tax way regulations. It comes up with beneficial features for traders like tax calculation, sales tracking, and inventory management. Also, the software offers a user-friendly functionality to save time and business efficiency.

Zoho Invoice

If you are new to invoicing software then, Zoho Invoice is a well-known choice among sole proprietors because of its usefulness and friendly user interface. It permits you to produce professional invoices, automate payment reminders, and track expenses. You might create exhaustive financial reports and accurate record-keeping with its potent reporting tools.


FreshBooks is well known for being easy to use and having powerful charging tools. Invoice templates that can be changed, expense tracking, and time tracking make it perfect for freelancers and one-person businesses. You can maintain better relations using this and automate late payment reminders, which is great for businesses with clients all around the planet.


Vyapar allows you to create invoices for Indian sole traders that are GST compliant. Keep track of stock, monitor GST spending, and create invoices that are in line with GST regulations. For traders who need to manage their business quickly, the Vyapar mobile application is especially useful. E-way bill generation and GST return recording are also used to ensure full compliance with tax regulations.


With its simple interface and wide range of capabilities, BillBook makes the charging process easier. With this, you can do expense tracking, manage inventory, and generate GST-compliant invoices. The cloud-based system of BillBook makes sure that your data is always safe and easy to reach. Users value its direct usefulness, which facilitates the speedy sending of invoices and the management of client data.


To meet the needs of sole traders, MYOB provides vigorous charging and bookkeeping features. You can efficiently manage GST returns, track expenses, and make invoices using it. Your financial data is always completely informed regarding MYOB because it works with bank feeds. Single-person businesses can keep better relationships with their clients by using MYOB to send professional invoices and share payment reminders.


Intuitive invoicing, tracking income and expenses, and tax management are a few of the features that Rounded for freelancers and independent companies offers. It makes it easier to make invoices that are GST-compliant and gives you full financial reports. Rounded User Interface – Its friendly interface makes it simple to use, and its automation features save you time on tedious chores.


Strong bookkeeping software or invoicing software for sole traders with great charging capabilities is Xero. You can easily manage GST returns, track income and expenses, and make invoices using it. A clear picture of your financial health is displayed on Xero’s real-time interface. For sole traders who need a complete financial management tool, its ability to work with over 800 third-party apps makes it even more useful.


For freelancers and sole traders, Refrens is flexible charging software with commendable capabilities. You can track payments, manage expenses, and make professional invoices with it. If you have clients from other countries, Refrens is a good choice because it maintains different currencies and works with well-known payment gateways. Users like that it is so easy to use and that they can change the invoices to accommodate their brand.

Features You Need to Search for When Choosing Invoicing Software

It’s essential to take into account several aspects that can improve your business operations and efficiency when choosing the right invoicing software. Search for the accompanying fundamental characteristics:

Easy Invoicing

Any invoicing software ought to automate invoices. Track down software with automated invoice generation, recurring billing, and adjustable invoice templates. Easy invoicing lets you easily create professional invoices, saving time and reducing errors.

Security of Business Information

An invoicing software for sole traders must handle sensitive business information; hence, solid security measures are urgently needed. Verify that the software employs powerful encryption techniques, frequent security updates, and secure data storage.

Multiple Payment Options

Your invoicing software ought to include several payment choices so it can accommodate a range of client preferences. Search for software that connects to numerous payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. Working with clients’ quick payment methods and offering several payment alternatives will help you increase your cash flow.

Inventory Handling

Inventory management is an essential component of firms that deal with products. You can track stock levels, manage client data and orders, and update inventory levels automatically when sales are made with invoicing software that includes inventory making due. This capability keeps stock records correct and makes preparations for problems like overstocking or stockouts.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

An underlying CRM feature helps you manage client interactions and relationships effectively. It can store client details, track communication history, and monitor client movement. This integration takes into account better client management, ensuring you can provide personalized service and improve client fulfilment.

Vendor Management

Overseeing vendors efficiently is essential for smooth business operations. Search for the best invoicing software for sole traders that includes vendor management features to track purchases, monitor vendor performance, and manage vendor payments. This usefulness helps you maintain great relationships with your suppliers and streamline your procurement processes.

Advantages of Using Invoicing Software

Invoicing software offers numerous benefits that streamline your business operations and improve your financial management. Here are some key advantages:

Instant Payment Reminders

One of the basic advantages of invoicing software is its ability to share the payment reminders with clients. Automated reminders help you keep steady over remarkable payments, reducing the gamble of late payments and further developing cash flow. With timely reminders, you can maintain better control over your finances and ensure timely payments from clients.

Quick Invoicing

You can easily create invoices quickly and send invoices with invoicing software. A few clicks will produce invoices with pre-filled client information and customizable templates. You save yourself a great deal of time and lessen the administrative work involved with manual invoicing systems.

1 Click Conversion

Many invoicing software setups provide the convenience of converting estimates or quotes into invoices with a single click. This capability makes billing easier by permitting you to move from giving quotes to sending invoices when the occupation is finished. It guarantees quicker periods needed to reevaluate and more seamless exchanges by working on the procedure for yourself as well as your clients.

Make Taxable Invoices

Via automatically calculating taxes as indicated by preset rates and rules, invoicing software makes the process of creating taxable invoices easier. This lowers the chance of tax estimation mistakes and guarantees that your invoices are compliant with tax regulations. You can guarantee efficient tax documenting procedures and avoid possible fines by delivering precise taxable invoices.


Invoicing Software has many benefits for associations, including immediate invoicing, quick payment reminders, and easy conversion from estimates to invoices. Businesses can work on their invoicing procedures, increase cash flow, and remain compliant with tax regulations by exploiting these advantages. Placing money in the best invoicing software for sole traders is a wise move that can increase productivity, free up time, and lessen administrative work for firms.

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Can I invoice as a sole trader?

Absolutely, without any uncertainty! For sole traders, invoicing software is the perfect solution as it helps manage client data, track payments effectively, and expedite the invoicing process.

Can you accept online payments with invoicing software?

Certainly, most invoicing software packages offer the convenient and secure option to accept online payments via seamlessly integrating with various payment gateways.

Is invoicing software suitable for different industries?

Indeed, invoicing software for sole traders is highly versatile and suitable for freelancers, consultants, small businesses, and large enterprises. Its configurable features cater to many business requirements and workflows.

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