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Accounting software is the backbone of any business and is crucial for financial operations for businesses of all sizes. Today, we live in a world of digitisation, and everything is getting digitised at a fast pace. 

Accounting software can streamline your billing processes and simplify your accounts. In this blog, we will discuss accounting software for businesses and its importance. Let’s get started. 

What is an Accounting Software?

Accounting software is computer programs that help businesses manage their billing and accounting more smoothly and systematically. These software have programmed tools that do various accounting tasks automatically, such as tax calculation, calculating profit and loss, expenses, etc. 

Importance of Accounting Software for Businesses

Recording Finance Accurately 

Accounting software records all the financials digitally without any errors. On the other hand, recording financial data manually increases human error and, thus, wrong accounting, which wastes a lot of time and is a lengthy process. 

Increase Efficiency 

Accounting is the most crucial process for any business, and it cannot be avoided. Many tasks are automated in accounting software, such as creating charts, profit and loss accounts, etc., which saves a lot of time and makes a lot of things automatic. Which ultimately increases your efficiency and allows you to focus on core areas. 

Better Financial Decisions 

When accounting is done accurately, you will learn all the financials correctly, which allows you to make better financial decisions and plan the growth of the business for the coming years. 

Easier Tax Compliance 

Using accounting software allows you to stay ahead of tax complaints and follow tax regulations. Accounting software calculates the GST of every transaction and can create a separate account for your tax liabilities, which simplifies tax calculations and filing. 

Better Accessibility 

Accounting software allows you to access your accounts from anywhere using your mobile or laptop, which makes it flexible. Traditional accounting with pen and paper does not allow flexibility and is bulky to carry many files with you. 

Features to Look For While Selecting an Accounting Software

The best accounting software you select must have all the essential features a business needs. Here are a few of them: 


An online accounting software must have a billing feature where you can create digital bills for your customers and provide them with printed bills. The billing feature must also include a WhatsApp integration feature, which allows you to share bills through WhatsApp with one click. 

Inventory Management 

New-age accounting tools give you live data on the amount of stock available for each item, which allows you to track every item and order it before any product goes out of stock. 

Customised Templates

Every accounting software gives you multiple templates to select from to make your books. However, the tool should also allow you to create customised templates as per your choice so that if you want to add any extra info, you can add it to your accounts. 

Income and Expense Account 

The accounting software you select must create an income and expense account automatically so that you can track the revenue and expenditure of your business with just a few clicks. 

General Ledger 

A general ledger allows you to create an organised report of all business transactions. Once you key in the transaction details, the software automatically adds them to the ledger, which you can access quickly. 

Tax Calculations

Accounting software also calculates total taxes. For example, it will segregate CGST and SGST, respectively, so you know your monthly tax liability. 


The accounting software you select must be cloud-based, meaning your transactions must be stored online so that you can access your accounting software from any device or mobile application. 

Customer Support

The accounting software you select must have robust customer care support. Customer care is crucial in assisting you if you get stuck with your accounting software at any time. You must get help from the company. 


Accounting software for growing businesses allows you to track your business from anywhere using your phone or other device. You must invest in good accounting software so that your accounting needs are automated and you can save time and effort. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features to look for while selecting accounting software?

The accounting software you select should have a billing feature, automatic accounting, GST invoice management, an expense tracker, and cloud integration. 

What is the purpose of accounting software?

Accounting software is used to streamline your accounting in your business and automate the billing process. 

What is an online billing software?

It is an invoicing software that eases the process of maintaining stock, expenses, and billing online through software. 

Can billing software make GST bills?

Yes, all billing software is typically integrated with GST features. It can automatically compute GST for each item when you create a bill. 

Can I make a credit note using my online billing software?

Yes, online billing software allows you to issue credit and debit notes. 


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