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Businesses hoping to offer top-notch customer service in the digital era need chat assistance. Talking with people in real-time is possible via live chat. Customer queries may be quickly and easily answered, and problems resolved. Customer care is preferred by 63% of consumers to be contacted via live chat. Nevertheless, the best use of this technology requires adherence to specific behavioural guidelines. Here are eleven conduct guidelines to help you enhance your live chat in customer service.

Prompt Response Time

The efficiency of chat in customer service is greatly influenced by response time. When clients have a query, they anticipate hearing back quickly. One in five consumers would give up on a firm if it responds too slowly.

Do: Respond Quickly

Customers expect a quick answer when they start a chat in customer service. People who wait long may become angry and have a wrong opinion of your brand. Try to answer within a few seconds to show that you understand their question. The best rate of client satisfaction, around 84.7%, occurs when the first answer time is between 5 and 10 seconds.

Don’t: Keep Customers Waiting

Don’t let somebody wait a long time before giving them your attention. If you need extra time to discover a solution, inform the user and keep them informed.

Personalise Your Interactions

Personalisation can significantly affect how people feel about interacting with your business. It helps you connect with the person and make them feel like they are essential.

Do: Use the Customer’s Name

Using the customer’s name in a chat in customer service is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make it more personal. This small action can significantly affect how the customer feels about your service. If you call them by name, customers will feel like you know them as people. It can help build a better mental bond.

Don’t: Use Generic Greetings

On the other hand, greetings like “Dear Customer” can make the conversation feel cold and distant. If you treat your customers like a number instead of a unique person, they will quickly tell. Generic welcomes don’t help you connect with someone on a human level. It’s essential for a great chat in customer service.

Maintain a Professional Tone

In chat in customer service, the tone you use sets the tone for the whole exchange. A skilled and friendly tone can make the experience better for the customer.

Do: Stay Professional and Polite

It’s essential to keep a professional tone during a customer service chat. Avoid using slang or too casual language, and always be friendly and thoughtful. By doing this, you show that you care about the customer’s worries and build trust. 

Don’t: Be Rude or Dismissive

Don’t let anger or rage show up in the way you respond. Even if the customer is angry, being rude or uncaring can worsen things. Some people might not trust your brand after this. Keep your cool, and go into every question to find an answer. You should always solve the customer’s problem as best you can.

Provide Accurate Information

When you’re dealing with customers, accuracy is critical. Giving customers proper information helps build trust and makes sure they are happy.

Do: Be Accurate and Honest

Verify and check the facts you provide. It’s preferable to find out first than to provide misleading information if in doubt.

Don’t: Guess or Provide False Information

To get an answer quickly, never guess or give fake information. If you lie to a customer, it can hurt their trust and cause more problems.

Use Clear and Concise Language

Ensuring that the customer gets the information given requires clear conversation. Using short, precise wording helps keep things from getting confusing.

Do: Be Clear and Concise

When talking on chat in customer service, it’s essential to be precise. Avoid any uncertainty in your texts that could confuse the customer by ensuring they are clear and to the point. Short, clear language makes communicating effectively and quickly answering customer issues easier.

Don’t: Use Jargon or Complex Terms

Don’t use business language or hard-to-understand words that the customer might not know. This wording can make things unclear and get in the way of a good conversation. Verify the clarity and understandability of your language. Make sure what you’re expressing is easily understood by your audience.

Use a Consistent Chat Format in Customer Service

Ensuring your chat style is always the same gives all your customers a consistent experience. It helps you stay polite and transparent in all of your encounters.

Do: Follow a Consistent Format

A uniform chat format in customer service helps keep things clear and professional. Use standard openings and closings, and organise your answers the same way every time.

Don’t: Deviate from Standard Practices

Instead of breaking the standard chat format in customer service, don’t do it. Inconsistency can confuse customers and make your support team look less professional.

Empathise with the Customer

Being empathetic can make customers very happy. Customers feel heard and respected when you understand and acknowledge how they feel.

Do: Show Empathy

Show that you care about and understand what the customer is going through. Show that you understand how they feel and that you want to help.

Don’t: Ignore the Customer’s Emotions

They may feel disrespected if you don’t care about or pay attention to the person’s feelings. Always show that you want to help them solve their problem.

Use Proper Grammar and Spelling

Correct language and spelling are essential for business writing. It shows how knowledgeable and trustworthy your customer service team is.

Do: Proofread Your Messages

Check your messages for correct language and spelling all the time. Communication that is clear and free of mistakes looks good for your business.

Don’t: Use Abbreviations or Audio Texts

Don’t use emojis, audio texts, or acronyms for business chat in customer service. People might get the wrong idea from these, and they look sloppy.

Be Attentive and Active

Ensuring the customer’s wants are fully known and met requires attention in chat in customer service interactions. A lot of the time, active attention can make the service much better.

Do: Actively Listen

Attend to what the other person is saying and, if needed, probe more. It ensures that, before providing a solution, you completely grasp the situation.

Don’t: Multi-task While Chatting

Never do more than one thing at once during a chat in customer service. Not paying your full attention to everything can cause mistakes and a bad experience for the customer.

Follow Up After the Chat

Following up shows that you still care about the customer’s experience after the first conversation. It helps make sure that every customer is happy.

Do: Follow Up

Ensure the consumer is satisfied with the result once you’ve resolved their issue. You have to demonstrate that you are interested in their experience and want for their happiness.

Don’t: Forget to Follow Up

The customer may feel ignored if you don’t follow up. Checking in after the first contact is an excellent way to close the loop.

Compile Comments and Keep Getting Better

Continually improving is made possible via feedback. The information gives you ideas on improving your chat in customer service.

Do: Request Feedback

Ask users what they thought about the chat experience. Find ways to improve by using these comments. Improve your chat format in customer service by using it.

Don’t: Ignore Feedback

When you don’t respond to feedback, you miss out on helpful information that could help you make your service better. Never ignore what customers say, and make changes when you need to.


The quality of your live chat in customer service will improve significantly if you follow these 11 rules. If you follow these tips, you can give excellent customer service that makes a good impact that lasts. These rules of behaviour are essential for all businesses, no matter how big or small, and they are vital to providing excellent live chat customer service.

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Before you use these tips to help customers, remember that the main goal is to make them feel heard, valued, and helped. Excellent chat in customer service can help you reach this goal and make your business successful.

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When a customer chats with me live, how quickly should I answer?

It’s best to answer the customer’s question within a few seconds. Also, try to avoid long wait times that could make you angry.

Should a client raise a question to which I cannot respond, what should I do?

Verify the facts first if you are unsure about a response. It’s better to give correct information than false information.

How can I get to know the people I chat with better?

Remember to keep a professional but friendly tone and use the customer’s name. Also, show that you understand their worries to make the conversation more personal.

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