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captainbiz how do i cancel an e invoice

How Do I Cancel an E-Invoice?

E-invoicing aims to enhance transparency and reporting of B2B transactions under GST. However, invoice generation is a complex, multiparty process with the potential for errors

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captainbiz e invoice threshold

E-Invoice Threshold

Electronic invoicing seems poised for gradual permeation in India, with authorities adopting a calibrated approach and launching compliance mandates in phases, roping in a broader

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captainbiz what is valuation

What is Valuation?

The term ‘valuation’ is gaining popularity in the business world these days. Especially with the immense growth of the startup and business ecosystem in India.

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captainbiz how do i check my gst order

How Do I Check My GST Order?

GST has been a game-changing moment for the Indian taxation system. Since the introduction of GST tax collection and tax easiness have increased multiple folds.

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captainbiz sale on approval basis under gst

Sale on Approval Basis under GST

GST significantly transformed the indirect tax system in India, absorbing multiple state and central indirect taxes and eliminating the cascading effect of taxes on consumers.

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captainbiz consolidated sales gst report

Consolidated Sales GST Report

GST has streamlined the indirect tax system in India by replacing multiple state and central indirect taxes with a uniform tax structure across the country.

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captainbiz what is gst rule summary

What is GST Rule Summary?

Indirect taxes have historically stood as a fundamental revenue source for governments. However, the preceding tax system faced challenges, such as the cascading effect and

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