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captainbiz details required in gstr

Details Required In GSTR-6

GSTR-6 is more than just a return; it’s your avenue to efficiently distribute Input Tax Credit (ITC) across your organisation’s branches. This process ensures compliance

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captainbiz demystifying form drc c

Demystifying Form DRC – 01C

The significant advantage of GST is the availability of input tax credits throughout the supply chain, which are claimed based on self-assessment. However, the self-assessment-based

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captainbizhow do i find my digit hsn code

How Do I Find My 6-digit HSN Code?

What is HSN Code HSN stands for ‘Harmonized System Nomenclature’. The WCO (World Customs Organization) developed It is a multipurpose international product nomenclature that first

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captainbiz captainbiz tutorial on making gst bills online

CaptainBiz Tutorial on Making GST Bills Online

Introduction Introԁuсtion In toԁаy’s ԁigitаl worlԁ, рарer-bаseԁ invoiсing is fаst beсoming obsolete. More thаn ever, businesses neeԁ streаmlineԁ online solutions to mаnаge billing сomрliаntly аnԁ

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